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Broadclub Cuttlefish.

About twelve inches.

Broadclub Cuttlefish.

Look at next photo

Broadclub Cuttlefish,

same one as before, less

than a second later.

Here's another color

change from a different


And its even changed its

shape from a ragged to

smooth look.

Mimickry, cuttlefish

blending in with Elkhorn


Yep, looks like Elkhorn


Cuttlefish mating.

Cuttlefish mating.

Changing color.

Cuttlefish, the female to

the right is depositing

eggs in the reef.  Male is

standing guard to keep

others away.

Cuttlefish egg.

Look, there's a tiny little

cuttlefish inside.

Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

Small, usually two to four


Duelling Flamboyants.

Two males, one female.

If cuttlefish could eye-

roll, thats what she would

be doing.

She is the bigger one to

the right.

Mostly it's messing up

the other male.

Common Octopus. The

one most likely to be out

in the day.

Whitespotted Octopus.

It's hard to give a size,

they can vary from twelve

inches to thirty. Real

shape changers.

Usually, they just like to

hang out.

Whitespotted Octopus. 

Sometimes they like to

stand up and take a look


Whitespotted Octopus.

Time to get back in the

sand again.

Wonderpus. About two

feet wide.

Wondepus. Doing


Wonderpus. Fantastic it

stayed out and posed.

Veined Octopus.  It finds

"things" to make a home


Veined Octopus. This one

is small, about three

inches and has found a

clam shell to protect


Veined Octopus. Its had

enough of me. Going....



Here's a much bigger

Veined Octopus out on

it's own at night.

Veined Octopus. Found a

home, drinking cup.

Veined Octopus. Not

worried about tetanus,

check the next four


Veined Octopus. Picked

up a few logs at Octopus

Home Depot.

Veined Octopus, doing

improvements to octopus

Tiny Home.

Coming soon to HGTV.

I can't get enough of

these! The activity and

the behaviors.

Blue Ring Octopus.

About four inches. 

Lethally venomous bite.

Blue Ring Octopus. The

bite contains tetrodotoxin

which paralyzes the

breathing system.

Not being able to breathe

is a problem.  Each of

these little four inch

critters have enough

tetrodotoxin to kill ten

adult people,

So don't handle them.

Here's a Blue Ring in

night time colors.

Poison Ocellated

Octopus. About four


Poison Ocellated

Octopus. Similar to Blue


Poison Ocellated


Poison Ocellated


Bobtail Squid. Live in

sand, come out at night.

Size of a thimble,

Bobtail Squid, different


Bigfin Squid, night.

Bigfin Squid, night.

These are fantastic, they

come to your lights.

Bigfin Squid, about ten


Bigfin Squid, night.

Bigfin Squid, night.

Compilation.  Cuttlefish, Octopi and Squid

from the Coral Triangle.

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These are selected from multiple visits to "The Coral Triangle" which covers the

Philippines in the North, then South to the Eastern part of Papua/Solomon Islands

and across Indonesia to the West. It's the area with the greatest marine diversity in

the world. We have been fortunate to make many trips to this distant area over many

years which are covered in the individual galleries. This a condensed version,

assembled from the individual galleries and featuring "the best of"species by type.

These photos have been taken between 2004 and present, mostly in Indonesia and the


Here are the shape and color changing chameleons of the sea, Cephalopods. Related to

mollusks (clams for example) these obviously adaptable and intelligent animals

entrance on every encounter. They communicate by changing shape and (mostly)

color, it's instant, not a long process. They have sucker laden arms to catch prey,

some have highly toxic bites that have caused fatalities to people who messed with