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Schooling Golden

Sweepers in coral. Small,

couple of inches.

Schooling Golden

Sweepers in coral.

Juvenile Catfish, they

travel in swarms. These

were about two inches.

Juvenile Catfish.

Hinged Shrimpfish.

About four inches.

Oxeye Scad. Ten or more

inches each.

Bigeye Trevally. They get

bigger, these were about

twelve inches.

Peacock Razorfish, this

is the juvenile stage. Less

than an inch.

Peacock Razorfish,

Intermediate stage. Two


Peacock Razorfish.


Juvenile Emperor


Adult Emperor Angelfish.

Here's another Juvenile

Emperor for comparison.

Sand Divers. They just

dart down and bury

themselves in soft sand.

Sand Divers. Half a

second after this shot,

they were down and


Short-Tailed Pipefish

with orange sponges..

Short-Tailed Pipefish.

Short-Tailed Pipefish.

Colors are variable.

Short-Tailed Pipefish.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

It's mimicking and hiding

in a crinoid.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

About three inches.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish,


Ornate Ghost Pipefish


Ornate Ghost Pipefish,

many color variations.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish,

couple of inches.

Robust Ghost Pipefish,

hiding in crinoid.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

pair. The female is the

larger one at top.

Halameda Ghost

Pipefish. They are usually

around Halameda

seaweed and mimic the

green and white colors.

Halameda Ghost

Pipefish. Inch and a half.

Roughsnout Ghost

Pipefish. Three inches.

Roughsnout Ghost


Spiny Waspfish. Two

inches. They have

stinging spines.

Leaf Scorpionfish. Four

inches. They also sting.

Leaf Scorpionfish

Leaf Scorpionfish, color

is variable.

Leaf Scorpionfish

Painted Frogfish juvenile.

Tiny, one inch.

Frogfish, about three

inches.  Anglerfish

family, they have a lure

above their mouths to

attract prey.

Dragon Sea Moth. Couple

of inches, they skitter

around on the bottom.

Dragon Sea Moth.

Map Pufferfish, couple of


Map Pufferfish. There's a

small blue cleaner wrasse

removing parasites.

Fangblenny, living in


AKA False Cleanerfish.

Instead of removing

parasites, bites,

Fangblenny. Mimics

helpful Cleaner Wrasse

that remove parasites

from other fish.

Fangblenny--here are the


Great Barracuda. This

one is about three feet,

they can get to five.


Triggerfish. They dont

like to be near divers.

Especially divers with



Triggerfish. About twenty

inches long. "Trigger"

spine up.

White Eyed Morays.

Larry, Curly and Moe...

Bumphead Parrotfish--

BIG, three feet or more.

Bumphead Parrotfish.

Blotched Sandgoby.

Giant Shrimpgoby.

These Gobies are

fantastic. They have their

own little "bulldozer"

shrimp who keep the

burrow they co-inhabit


Here's the shrimp

keeping everything clean.

The shrimp are the

maintenance workers.

The gobies are the

sentries against danger.

They have a mutually

beneficial relationship.

The Gobies and shrimp

will dart down into their

shared burrow when

startled.  I spent ten

minutes just getting them

used to me being there

before getting these

shots.  Patience!

Look close. The shrimp

keeps one antenna on the

Goby at all times.  It's the

communication system

so a twitch from the

Goby send them both

down into the burrow.

Another shrimp antenna


Giant Shrimpgoby--Giant

is relative,  about five


Yellownose Shrimpgoby.

Inch and a half.

Yellow Shripmpgoby.

About an inch, bossing

around a shrimp that's

way bigger.

Yellow Shripmpgoby.

Coral Shriimp.

Circumtropical and

worldwide. Caribbean to


Half Inch tiny shrimp

living in and mimicking

its crinoid home.

Hingebeak Shrimp, half


Peacock Mantis Shrimp

with red eggs.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

with red eggs.

Harlequin Crab, little

seaweed toupee.

Mosiac Boxer Crab. Half

inch, carries little

anenomes in its claws to

catch tiny prey.

Mosiac Boxer Crab,

"punches" at you.

Hairy Squat Lobster. Half

inch, lives in sponges.

Hairy Squat Lobster

Box Crabs.  There's two

them.  The bigger one is

holding a small one,

waiting until they are

both receptive to mating.

This one's a keeper!

Emperor Shrimp on

Seastar. About half an


Emperor Shrimp.

Other animals live on

Seastars. These are

Ctenophores,  a comb

jelly relative that puts out

fishing lines to reel in tiny

prey. The red spotted

blotches are the

Ctenophores and you can

see the tangled lines


Tiny, less than quarter

inch shrimp that live on

Cushion Stars. There's

two of them here.

Ocellated Tozeuma

Shrimp, mimicking green


Ocellated Tozeuma

Shrimp. Inch and a half.

Banded Tozeuma


Banded Tozeuma


Banded Tozeuma


Ladybug Amphipods.

Matchead size, constantly

jumping and moving.

Just an underwater

photography nightmare.

Villa Markisa, Tulamben Bali, 2018. Fish

and Creatures.

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We were last in Tulamben in 2012 and this was a definite "need to do again" trip. We

stayed at the Villa Markisa, a lovely small hotel and dive operation. The food, the

staff, the accomodations and, of course, the diving were all great.  It's a wonderful

place to stay on the North East coast of Bali, about three hours drive from the airport

in Denpasar.

We had our own personal guide, Noris for the ten days we were there and his sharp,

experienced eyes uncovered many wonderful creatures we wouldn't have seen on our


It's mostly the black sand kind of diving we love, some reefs as well but we were

looking for the unusual, not for scenery. The water conditions are mostly murky so

small close up subjects are usually better than big wide angle views. We did get

schools of both large and little fish that were swirling around, there's some of them at

the beginning here.