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Dewi Nusantara.

Dewi Nusantara.

Dewi Nusantara.

Schooling Bluestreak


Bluestripe Snappers.

Fusiliers and Anthias

around a coral head.

Fusiliers and Anthias

around a coral head.

Pinjalo Snappers.

Coral Head

Coral Head, that;s a pair

of Panda Butterflyfish.

Schooling Juveniles on a

coral head.

Schooling Juveniles.

Schooling Juveniles.

Probably juvenile

Cardinalfish .

Swarms of hundreds of

thousands of tiny young


Seafan, fish almost like a

cloud going over.

Seafan and fish.

Longnose Butterflyfish.

Longfin Bannerfish.

Ornate Butterflyfish.

Two Eyed Coralfish.

Doublebanded Soapfish.

There's an octopus

lurking under the ledge.

Anchor Tuskfish.

Blackbelt Hogfish.

Redbreasted Wrasse.

Freckled Hawkfish.

Clown Triggerfish.

Clown Triggerfish.

Clown Triggerfish.

Blue Triggerfish.

Blue Triggerfish,

chomping on a piece of


Titan Triggerfish. Big.

Titan Triggerfish, can be

agressive when nesting

with a history of biting


Titan Triggerfish.

Masked Pufferfish.

Pearly Monacle Bream.

Bridled Monacle Bream.

Many Spotted Sweetlips.

Ribbon Sweetlips.

Goldstriped Sweetlips.

Tasseled Scorpionfish.

They sting.

Tiny Clingfish (3/4 inch)

living in crinoid.

Bigfin Squid, night.

Bigfin Squid, night.

Leopard Anemone. 

Encrusting a black coral.

And here's the tiny

shrimp (1/2 inch) that

lives on the Leopard


Leopard Anemone


Leopard Anemone


Two Tone Dartfish.

Two Tone Dartfish.

Fire Dartfish.

Fire Dartfish

Eared Blenny.

Eared Blenny.

Dragonet, they blend in


Bluestreak Goby.

Bluestreak Goby.

Bluestreak Goby. They

live in burrows.

Coral Goby, tiny 3/4 inch.

Coral Goby,

Blotched Sandgoby.

Wide Barred

Shrimpgoby. They live

with burrow digging

shrimp for mutual

protection. The shrimp is

on the left.

Wide Barred

Shrimpgoby, shrimp is

digging and cleaning


Wide Barred

Shrimpgoby, this one has

two shrimp to do the


Signal Goby.

Signal Goby, sometimes

in pairs.

Signal Goby.

Tasselled Wobbegong

Shark. Wobbegong is an

aboriginal word for


Tasselled Wobbegong

Shark. We had these on

almost every dive, about

5 feet long.

Tasselled Wobbegong

Shark. I can't get enough

of them!

Tasselled Wobbegong


Longfin Spadefish.

Pinnate Spadefish.

Regal Angelfish.

Regal Angelfish.

Threespot Angelfish.

Emperor Angelfish.

Six Banded Angelfish.

Six Banded Angelfish.

Six Banded Angelfish.

Yellow-mask Angelfish

Semicircle Angelfish.

Semicircle Angelfish.

Semicircle Angelfish.

Blue Ringed Angelfish.

Dinner plate size.

Blue Ringed Angelfish.

Blue Ringed Angelfish.

Blue Ringed Angelfish.

Triton Bay, Indonesia. April 2018.

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Aboard the Dewi Nusantara, a hand built beautiful wooden ship.  "Goddess of the

Archipelago"  is the translation of the name. Spacious, great crew, luxurious

amenities including full size showers, terrific food. Almost "too nice" to be a dive boat!

Triton Bay is remote, it's in Western Papua and a four flight journey to get to and

from New York. Diving is interesting although the water clarity isn't the best. An

advantage is being sheltered as there were storm conditions in the area and if we

weren't here in the bay, we wouldn't have been diving.

Some wonderful huge schools of swirling fish and some new species for us. Of

particular note were the many Angelfish, including the Blue Ring.  It's not common,

we saw one in Bali in 2012 but in Triton Bay they were on pretty much every dive.