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Chain Moray Eel

Blue Bar Jawfish (note

eggs, incubated in



Flying Gurnard

Lancer Dragonet (maybe

1 inch long)

Mushroom Scorpionfish

Spotted Scorpionfish


Spotted Scorpionfish

with full"plume" features


Spotted Scorpionfish

with full"plume" features


Spinyhead Blenny (this is

about the size of a match


Spinyhead Blenny

Longlure Frogfish on

pink sponge

Longlure Frogfish on

pink sponge

Longlure Frogfish on

Yellow Sponge

Lined Seahorse

Longsnout Seahorse

Lined Seahorse

Neck Crab (camouflaged

with hydroids and

miniscule sponges)

Yes, it's an animal.

Currently described as

"algae crab" but not in

any book.

Yellowlined Arrowcrab

Squat Lobster

Squat Lobster

Scarlet Striped Shrimp

Spotted Shrimp

Spotted Shrimp

Banded Coral Shrimp

(with eggs)

Pederson Shrimp

Thorny Mud Crab (this is

less than 1/4 inch)

Red Banded Lobster

Flamingo Tongue


Fingerprint Cyphoma (I

have only ever seen these

in St Vincent)

Leech Headshield Sea


Painted Elysia (these are

really tiny, 1/3 inch long

and as thick as a


Painted Elysia

Hairy Clinging Crab

Star Eye Hermitcrab

Christmas Tree Worms

Medusa Worm (this is the

first and only time I have

ever seen the whole

animal--the usual "look"

is white tentacles

emerging from a hole in

the sand).

Golden Shrimp

Spotted Shrimp

Red Banded Lobster, a

deep reef (140 feet+)


St Vincent, 2009

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St Vincent, a volcanic island in the eastern Caribbean, has some of the most

interesting diving of any destination in the area. Although the pretty reefs  of the

Caymans, Bonaire and Belize are well known, St Vincent is "the critter capital of the

Caribbean". Odd fish, shrimps, sea horses, the very rare fingerprint cyphoma are all

found here in relative profusion. Red Banded Lobsters on the deep reefs below 100 feet

and the tiny Squat Lobster of the shallows are animals that might never be found

anywhere else.  All credit has to be given to owner Bill Tewes and the staff at Dive St

Vincent. Bill has been a self described "critter nut" for years and it's his keen eyes and

enthusiasm that open up the world of the weird here. For anyone looking for the

unusual and extraordinary, Dive St Vincent (www.divestvincent.com)is the operation

to explore with.