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Dawn, Komodo Island

The Dewi Nusantara. We

went to Triton Bay on her

in 2018.

Traditional sailboat

Our untraditional and

certainly more

comfortable ride.

Our third Mermaid trip,

we were in Raja Ampat


At the dock, Komodo

ranger station.

New Sign, 2019.

Dragons on Komodo

Rinca Island, Horseshoe


The color of these Rinca

dragons looks different

to the ones on Komodo.

And they swim.

Sungeang Volcano,  2019.

Still puffing, five years

after our first time. 2019.

Sungeang, underwater

volcanic vents. Note the

sulfur on the seafloor.

Hot water coming from

them as well.

Barrel sponges. I seldom

get to shoot big wide

angle subjects, need

clear water and good

sunlight above.

Colorful crinoids.

Giant clam, about 2 feet

long, surrounded by


Sand Divers, use their

tails to burrow down into

concealing sand. 2019.

Sand Divers, gone in less

than a second when they

"dive". 2019.

Stingrays 2019. Big, at

least 5 feet across.

Stingray 2019, stirring up

the sand looking for food.

Reef Manta

Reef Manta 2019


Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle


Schooling Jacks, 2019.

Note the pounding surf



Ribbon Sweetlips

Convictfish School

A mass of juvenile


Common Lionfish

Spotfin Lionfish

Shortfin Lionfish, color


Spiny Devilfish--spines

are venomous.

Scorpionfish. The normal


Scorpionfish, unusual

color variant, matching

its surroundings.

Another Scorpionfish

color variant, 2019.


Humbugs, named after a

black and white British



Redspotted Pygmygoby,

left and Comical Blennie

on right

Whipcoral Goby, 1/2inch.


Redspotted Pygmygoby,


Fire Dart Goby, 2019


Midas Blennie. Color


Midas Blennie. In their

hole, the coloration is like


Titan Triggerfish. A biter.


Blackspotted Puffer

Whitespotted Puffer

Sixbanded Angelfish



Yellowmask Angelfish


Bluegirdled Angelfish

Regal Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish

Komodo, Indonesia. August 2014 and

2019, daytime

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Komodo has been on the "must do" list for years and these trips did not disappoint.

Scenic cruising around thousands of islands, an erupting volcano (Sungeang),

traditional wooden sailing boats-- and a huge variety of dives.

We were on the Mermaid 1 which left from Bali--a live-aboard dive boat with

capacious cabins, great crew and food. The diving was warm tropical waters in the

north and surprisingly cool in the south, drifts in raging open water currents or

sheltered in calm coves. Both provided new and interesting critters. And of course, the

Komodo "dragons" (actually a huge variant of  the monitor lizard) were as expected.

Big! The  Dragons are on Komodo and Rinca islands between the Indian Ocean and

the Flores Sea. We were East of the Wallace Line, the biological divide between Asian

and Australian species, named after Alfred Russel Wallace, a naturalist from

Victorian times sadly less well known than his contemporary, Charles Darwin. The

dragons are descendants of an Australian animal. And a Google search of "Wallace

Line" is fascinating.

Our first trip was in 2014, we returned on the Mermaid 1 in 2019.   The 2019 photos are

labelled. It was a very different experience, there was a full moon and the tides were

higher, the currents were stronger which brought up deeper and colder water on the

southern leg of the itinerary. The trade off was many more Manta!