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Yellow Coralgoby, tiny

maybe 1/2 inch

Yellow Coralgoby

Banded Goby, two color

variants here

Banded Goby, about 4


Orange Banded Coralfish

Fangblenny, living in a

piece of discarded plastic


Catfish, schooling and

raking up bottom

Redbreasted Wrasse

Baramundi, juvenile

Dragonet, resting on

Pillow sea star

Thornback Cowfish,


Yellow Boxfish, juvenile

Batavia Batfish Juvenile

Batavia Batfish, it's a

couple of inches in size

now, will grow to at least

a foot.

Helmut Gurnard

Orange and Black


Spiny Devilfish,

poisonous spines, stings

Devil Scorpionfish,

poisonous spines, stings

Waspfish, poisonous

spines, stings

Cockatoo Waspfish,

poisonous spines, stings

Ambon Scorpionfish.

poisonous spines, stings.

Ambon Scorpionfish,

"frills" look like seaweed

and act as camouflage

Ambon Scorpionfish,

"frills" look like seaweed

and act as camouflage

Zebra Lionfish,

poisonous spines, stings

(I think you have the idea


Short Fin Lionfish

Short Fin Lionfish, color


Short Fin Lionfish

Short Fin Lionfish

Fimbriated Moray Eel

Banded Snake Eel.

Mimics poisonous

Banded Sea Krait

Blue Ribbon Eel

Stargazer. Lurks in sand,


Stargazer, a mouth ready

to bite

Stargazer, tail of

something unfortunate

that swam too close

sticking out of jaws

Stargazer, swallowing

Brock's Pipefish, many

types of pipefish

including Seahorses

Whiskered Pipefish

Network Pipefish

Common Seahorse

Lembeh Seadragon

pipefish. Like

photographing dental

floss, very small

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish,

the female is the larger


Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish,

the female is the larger


Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Cornetfish, juvenile

Dragon Sea Moth

Dragon Sea Moth

Painted Frogfish. These

are fantastic, strange

ambush hunters with

multiple color variations

Painted Frogfish.  It's

near a black sponge and

is mimicking the color

Painted Frogfish

Warty Frogfish. Like all

frogfish, lurk and wait for

something to come too


(Really) Warty Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish, couple of

inches long

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish

Giant Frogfish, it's

mimicking the sponge

color it's sitting on

Giant Frogfish, about 12

inches long

Giant Frogfish

Giant Frogfish, these

black color ones are

difficult to photograph,

they just suck up light

with no reflection

Giant Frogfish. The all

white ones are also a

photo nightmare, they

just "burn out" with the


Giant Frogfish

Giant Frogfish

Giant Frogfish, they

"yawn" to stretch their

jaw muscles. This is the

way they eat, open mouth

and "inhale" what may be

swimming by

North Sulawesi 2017. Fish

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Four years since our last trip to the always fantastic Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi,

Indonesia. This trip was in January, the rainy season, but had few weather related

problems. Stayed again at Kungkungan Bay Resort, our fourth time back since 1999.

Food, staff, accommodations and dive guides exemplary as always. We have

recommended KBR to other friends who are also now on return visits. The Lembeh

Strait is a must for any diver who wants to see the unusual.