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Our voyage on the


Fresh Direct, Solomons


No roads, no trucks, just

dugout canoes.

The produce is laid out

on the "tinnies". The

smaller boats we actually

dive from.

Banded Sea Krait (a


Shrimpfish. They hover in

little vertical schools.

Crocodilefish. A bottom



Cuttlefish. A cephalopod,

not a fish, related to

squid and octopus.

Cuttlefish,  the female is

depositing eggs in the

reef, the male is guarding

her from other males.

Cuttlefish, female.

Cuttlefish, interesting

mimicry behavior.

It's pretending to be part

of the Elkhorn Coral reef.

More interesting

behavior. Banded

Shrimpgoby with shrimp.

The shrimp keeps the

burrow they both live in

excavated, the goby

keeps alert for danger.

It's a worldwide behavior,

Pacific, Red Sea,


Yellownose Shrimpgoby.

Tiny Yellow Goby,

bossing around a shrimp

three times it's size.

It takes a lot of patience

to get the goby and the

shrimp out together.

They have to get used to

you being there.

Probably a ten minute

wait to get these shots.

Fire Dartfish. Also a


Fire Dartfish.

Decorated Dartfish

Decorated Dartfish

Blotched Sandgoby.

Signal Gobies. They are

together and working on

a burrow.

Signal Gobies. They are

sharing the same burrow.

Signal Gobies.

Splitband Cardinalfish.

Yellowlined Cardinalfish.

Squarespot Anthias.

Squarespot Anthias.

Threadfin Anthias.

Threadfin Anthias. Male

guarding his harem.

Threadfin Anthias.

Threadfin Anthias.

Striped Surgeonfish.

They have razor sharp

barbs near the tail.

Striped Surgeonfish.

Masked Rabbitfish.



Titan Triggerfish. A

proven history of biting

divers when guarding a


Titan Triggerfish.

Clown Triggerfish. Not

particularly intested in

being photographed.

Clown Triggerfish.

Regal Angelfish.

Blue Girdled Angelfish.

Blue Girdled Angelfish.

Graytail Angelfish.

Bicolor Angelfish.

Flame Angelfish. Small

and elusive, about an


Flame Angelfish.

Flame Angelfish.

Longnose Butterflyfish.

Pacific Double Saddle


Pacific Double Saddle


Eclipse Butterflyfish.

Oval Spot Butterflyfish.

Pyramid Butterflyfish.

Vagabond Butterflyfish.

Vagabond Butterflyfish.

Longfin Bannerfish.

Dot and Dash


Ornate Butterflyfish.

That's a small blue

cleaner wrasse on it.

Blue spot Butterflyfish.

Blue spot Butterflyfish.

Saddled Butterflyfish.

Saddled Butterflyfish.

Moorish Idol.

Moorish Idol.

Pennant Bannerfish.

Pennant  Bannerfish.

Pennant  Bannerfish.

Phantom  Bannerfish.

Humphead  Bannerfish.

Masked  Bannerfish.

Masked  Bannerfish.

Eight Banded


Eight Banded


Banded Archerfish. Can

"shoot" down insects

above surface with a jet

of water from its mouth.

Banded Archerfish,

lurking in mangrove

roots, looking for insects


Banded Archerfish. In

mangroves. Divers also

alert for salt water

crocodiles that inhabit


Pink Anemonefish. These

fish live and breed in

association with different

species of anemones.

Pink Anemonefish.

Solomon Islands, April 2019

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On board the MV Bilikiki, the only dive vessel that covers the very remote areas of the

Solomons, over 900 islands East of Papua New Guinea and a pivotal area of the

Pacific war in WW2.

The name Bilikiki s a local name for a bird, the Beach Stone Curlew, that we actually

saw in Australia on our way to Honiara, the main city and airport on the island of


The dive company has been operating since 1989 and over the years has built up close

relationships with the local villages who own, protect and preserve the dive sites. All

of the fresh produce served on board is grown by the different islanders on our

journey.  It was great for a delicious taste of the unexpected. As was the diving which

ranged from beautiful reefs to murky waters, both laden with new and interesting


Certainly a worthwhile trip with a lot of air travel even now. It's hard to imagine the

war years and the vast distances covered by ships and propellor aircraft when you

are in a Boeing jet, at 38,000 feet and 600mph ground speed, wanting it to be only

another hour to go!