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False Clown


False Clown


Clarke's  Anemonefish.



Spinecheek Anemonefish

pair, the female is the

larger and darker color.


Anemonefish. These

usually come out of the

anemone and go into full

attack mode.

This one is guarding

eggs, you can see them

behind under the

anemone so it's staying


Skunk Anemonefish

Pink Anemonefish

Pink Anemonefish

Tomato Anemonefish


Tomato Anemonefish


Thorny Seahorse

Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

Many color variations on


Ornate Ghost Pipefish, all

these Pipefish are about

2-3 inches long.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Ornate Ghost Pipefish,

the smaller one is a male.

Roughsnout Ghost

Pipefish, the female is the

brighter red one.

Roughsnout Ghost


Robust Ghost Pipefish,

many color variations.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish.

The larger female caches

eggs between her lower

ventral fins. If you look

closely you can see the

bulge where she is

storing them.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish,

female the larger white


Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Redspotted Dwarfgobie.

Maybe 3/4 inch long.

Bristle Tailed Filefish

White Spotted Puffer,

juvenile. About the size

of a pea.

Shorthead Fangblenny,

living in an abandoned


Shorthead Fangblenny.

Striped Catfish school.

Razorfish. About 4-5

inches long.

Razorfish juveniles.  1


Dragon Seamoth. They

skitter along the sand,

determined not to have

their picture taken. About

3 inches wide.

Dragon Seamoth

Dragon Seamoth

Dragon Seamoth,


Fingered Dragonet, male.

6 inches.

Orange and Black

Dragonet. 5 inches.

Devil Scorpionfish,

stings. This is a juvenile

about 3/4 inch. They can

grow to a foot.

Tasseled Scorpionfish,

resting on a giant clam.

12 inches, stings.

Spiny Waspfish.  2

inches, stings.

Cockatoo Waspfish. 2

inches, stings.

Juvenile Common

Lionfish, stings.

Juvenile Common

Lionfish, stings.

Spiny Devilfish. Juvenile.

2 inches.

Spiny Devilfish adult. 

These are in the stonefish

family and sting--a lot.

This one is using it's little

claw like appendages to

creep across the sand.

Spiny Devilfish, each

spine has a poison gland.

About 5 inches.

Spiny Devilfish. They also

bury themselves in the

sand and are a very good

reason NOT to be putting 

your hands on the


Stargazer. Another sand

dweller that ambushes

passing prey.

Stargazer, this one would

be about three feet long,

most of it is buried.

Painted Frogfish.

Innumerable color

variations. This one

about 2 inches.

Painted Frogfish. These

are "anglerfish" and 

there's a little thread like

lure it waves over it's

head to attract smaller


Painted Frogfish. 1 inch.

Painted Frogfish,

"yawning". They do this

occasionally, maybe to

exercise the mouth parts.

Painted Frogfish. 1 inch.

Painted Frogfish, 3/4


Painted Frogfish, 3/4


Painted Frogfish, 1-1/2


Painted Frogfish, 3/4


Painted Frogfish, 3/4


Painted Frogfish, 3/4


Freckled Frogfish, 3/4


Juvenile Hairy Frogfish.

1/2 inch. Look at the size

of the sandgrains for


Juvenile Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish, 2-1/2


Hairy Frogfish.

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish. Just 

amazing little animals.

Philippines, Dumaguete 2015 Fish

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This was our second trip to the Philippines, we stayed at the Atlantis Resort in

Dumaguete.  Our prior trip had been to Atlantis in Puerto Galera, both resorts are

fantastic. The water in Dumaguete is a little warmer. Food, service,  the rooms, the

dive operation are all spectacularly good. Most impressive was the training and

warmth of all the staff from the groundskeepers to the bartenders. The dive guides led

small groups which allowed a lot of freedom to the dives, most of ours were at least an

hour. Our guide was mostly "Wing" and he was just incredible with his knowledge of

the sites and where to find the fish, the critters (and the divers).

This trip was in April 2015, it's a great time to be there and we saw a lot of fascinating

mating behavior with the always entrancing pipefish. Tremendous numbers of

juvenile frogfish and anemone fish. Water was a fairly warm 82' although 70 minute

dive times were certainly cooling you off by dive #3.