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Ocellated Phyllidia

Swollen Phyllidia

Dorid, undescribed

Reticulated Chromodoris

Hypselodoris, mating.

Hypselodoris, laying egg



undescribed.  Nickname

is Donut Nudibranch.

Donut Nudibranch,

feeding on stinging


Donut Nudibranchs,

laying egg "ribbons" in

stinging hydroid.

Arminid, undescribed.

Undescribed  Armenids,


Pacific Thecacera

Pacific Thecacera. It has

a hitchhiker, a little tiny

hermit crab riding on the

gills in front.

Pacific Thecacera

Dorid, undescribed

Girdled Glossodoris

Lumpy Dendrodoris

Lumpy Dendrodoris

Cnetophores on Sea Star.

These are jellyfish

relatives that have settled

instead of free swimming.

Cnetophores, if you look

very closely you will see

translucent, fine feeding

tentacles extending from

them. These are being

researched at the

Smithsonian, they were

only discovered in the

last five years.

Dark Margin Glossodoris

Dark Margin Glossodoris

Not a nudibranch, a tiny

cowrie, mimicking a


Dorid, unknown.

Aeolid, undescribed.

Aeolid, "Dragon"


Aeolid "Dragon"


Starry Carminodoris

Starry Carminodoris

Pteraeolidia Ianthina.

That came from a

nudibranch expert, not


Pteraeolidia Ianthina

Leopard Chromodoris

Risbecia, mating.

Bali, Indonesia 2012. Nudibranchs.

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Bali has a  spectacular variety of these colorful marine creatures. The name

Nudibranch is from the Latin description and means "naked gill", most of these have

exposed feathery gills they use to breathe. Some are six inches in length, others are a

quarter inch or less. Most of them are brilliantly colored as a warning signal.  Many

of them eat poisonous stinging hydroids and absorb the toxins as a defense. The

coloration advertises what they are--and after mouthful number one, any potential

predator is going to stay away from anything like it.