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Banded Sea Krait. It's a

snake, note scales.

Banded Sea Krait,

hunting in the reef.

Banded Sea Krait. They

are air breathers and this

one is heading to the


Banded Sea Krait. Note

"oar" like flattened tail for


Zebra Morays. These are


White Eyed Moray.

White Eyed Moray.

Ribbon Moray.

Ribbon Moray.

Snowflake Moray.

Spotted Garden Eels.

Sometimes there are

hundreds in a colony,

waving in the water.

Blacksaddle Snake Eel.

Live in sand burrows,

ready to pounce on

anything that gets too


Blacksaddle Snake Eel.

Cleaner Pipefish.

Ringed Pipefish. All these

pipefish are in crevices,

making tham as hard as

possible to get near


Ringed Pipefish.

Orange Banded

Pipefish--note tail color.

Rumengan's Pipehorse.

AKA "Sea Dragon". Tiny,

about two inches.

Rumengan's Pipehorse

Mushroom Coral


Pipefish, species

unknown. There are

hundreds of different


Winged Pipefish. Small,

about four inches. They

live in crevices where

their color makes them

even harder to see.

Winged Pipefish

Winged Pipefish.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

pair. The female is the

larger one in the


Robust Ghost Pipefish.

Thorny Seahorse. Small,

two inches.

Probable Zebra Snout

Seahorse. Hard to tell, it's

older and quite big, six

inches so it's well

encrusted with

camouflaging algae.

Pygmy Seahorse. Tiny,

3/4 inch. Lives on sea

fans and takes on same


Pygmy Seahorse,

remarkably difficult to


Pygmy Seahorse,

squinting thru a camera

viewfinder I did not

realize there was actually

another one to the left

until I got them up on a


Pygmy Seahorses.

Anilao, Philippines 2017. Seasnakes, Eels

and Pipefish.

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Most of these images are the "elongated" animals, seasnakes, eels, and pipefish.

The pipefish family is huge and includes pipehorses and seahorses.  None of these

could be described as strong swimmers, they try to live inconspicuous lives hidden

away in crevices as well as taking on camouflaging coloration to make them even

more difficult to see. The two Robust Ghost Pipefish here are the only ones found out

in the open.