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Sunrise, the Bali Sea

Schooling Jacks

Blue Ringed Angelfish,

dinner plate size


Blue Spotted Stingray,

maybe three feet long.

Diagonal Banded


Titan Triggerfish, two feet

long. Dangerous when

breeding, note large


Moorish Idol

Blackspine Surgeonfish

Blackspine Surgeonfish

Bristle Tailed Filefish

Star Pufferfish Juvenile--

it's about the size of a


Striped Catfish

Emperor Angelfish adult

Emperor Angelfish


Juvenile Emperor

Angelfish with cleaner

shrimps. The shrimp will

remove parasites and

dead scales.

Tasseled Scorpionfish

Juvenile, tiny maybe two


Tasseled Scorpionfish,

juvenile maybe four


Tasseled Scorpionfish

adult. A foots worth of

pain if you put your hand

on the venomous spines.

Leaf scorpionfish. Three

inches long, lays on the

bottom. Waves in the

current like a dead leaf.

Leaf scorpionfish

Leaf scorpionfish color


Leaf scorpionfish color


Leaf Scorpionfish pair.

The larger brown female

is in the back

Painted Frogfish

Juvenile--maybe an inch.

It has a little pink lure that

it dangles over the mouth

to attract even smaller


Painted Frogfish, note it's

mimicking the color of

the sponge it's living in.

Tiny, half an inch.

Painted Frogfish,

mimicking sponge color.

Fire Dartfish

Fire Dartfish

Batavia Spadefish

Juvenile.  Two inches

high, hiding in a crinoid.

The adults are the size of

dinner plates.

Batavia Spadefish


Batavia Spadefish adult,

lurking in the Liberty


Ghost Goby maybe 1/2

inch long,  on Tunicate.

Ghost Goby on Sea Pen

Large Whip Coral Goby.

Large being a relative

term, just over 1/2 inch.

Estuary Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse. These

are the worst to

photograph. Colored like

the sea fan they live on,

less than 3/4inch long

and that includes the

curled up tail.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

male.  Two inches long,

mimicking the crinoid it

lives by.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish


Ornate Ghost Pipefish

pair, the female is the

larger one in the


Thin Ghost Pipefish by a

tangle of rope.

Robust Ghost Pipefish

pair, female in the back.

Bali, Indonesia 2012. Fish

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Our first trip to Bali, a mostly Hindu island in the Indonesian archipelago. Temples

and sacred monkeys abound, along with wonderful little hand made incense and food

offerings showing up  everywhere, could be on your breakfast table or the bar.  We

stayed at  Scuba Seraya  on the North East coast, a great, comfortable boutique dive

resort  with wonderful staff and impressive "critter finder" divemasters. Almost all

the dive locations were  a five minute boat ride away and the house reef, a beach dive

right in front of the resort,  had  incredible animals at all times, especially at night.

It's about two and half hours away from the Denpasar airport, the gateway to Bali.

When we first started diving, the schooling colorful fish swirling on sunlight reefs

were the big attraction. Now, 20 plus years later, the odd, strange little creatures

have become fascinating. Most of what I have here are small, less than three inches

long, unless noted.  Well camouflaged and blending into their habitat, they are

wonderful examples of how nature adapts to fill survival and feeding niches.